1. Information accuracy

Buynewcollection.com is the trusted site for online shopping. You know we haven’t the product but good information for good quality product is present here which is collected from reliable sites. First we analysis the ecommerce market then the product and customer review.  At last we display it. No false but attractive info highlighted here.

Some T-shirts, Graphics and Web Development related product is present here which is ours. Besides you may get support directly from our Data entry, graphics and Web development team. We love customer satisfaction before profit.

2. Terms of sale

Maximum products are coming from reliable sources like Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, Teespring etc. There selling rules is good and renown for everybody. You may accept the offer, discount, money back grantee and free shipping.

3. Payment terms

You must pay immediately in actual website like amazon , aliexpress, teespring etc when you buy. Paypal and Payoneer both are present in maximum sites. So, you haven’t tension to pay.

4. Shipping & delivery

You just write your address properly when buys the products. Shipment will start immediately. For teespring we need approximately 9 to 18 days for printing t-shirt and delivery.

5. Claim policy

All of the sites from where we display the products are popular and renowned also. So you must use the claim policy of the product actual website when your product would be disputed. Sometimes you will get the money back guarantee. So you may read the term and conditions of that website like amazon, aliexpress etc.