Information we collect to you?

Actually buy new collection is an ecommerce website like ecommerce store but all of the products not from us. Besides we try to display the good quality product from the reliable companies.

If you visit our website, sometimes we will offer to complete the form like subscribe. It’s not dangerous for you because we only use your data for our product or business publicity which will be helpful to know the new products or offers from us. Suppose you have given us your email address by completing the subscription form.  A new product is coming which category is same to your choice we just send you an email about the product details. So no tension your email address is safe to us.

Information we collect automatically:

For our security reason we collect all of the visitors IP address, geo location data, device identity etc. It’s not manual process; it is saved on our web server automatically. You know when you visit any site or service it’s make a cookies for you. This is the general system. It’s also active to our site.

Information collected from other websites:

For our marketing purpose we are active in online. We visit a lot of site to collect the new customer identity. By this way we gather the customer data and contact them with their mobile number, email address or various type of messenger id like Skype. Suppose we have a room spray item which we want to make publicity or advertise. Start visiting the targeted websites to get the targeted visitor identity.

Why we collect the data?

Actually we collect your personal data only for our ecommerce business purpose. When we open a new business or new product is coming in our store we use your email or phone number to contact with you. We believe advertisement is the main key to achieve the goal for a business. Its true customer satisfaction is the main target. So we won’t disturb you by using your contact. We must share you about our positive idea which also beneficial for you.

About payment policy data:

We described that we haven’t direct selling policy in our website. So you clearly use your payment type data in the billing site. But every site is good and popular in the world which product we display. So, No tension.