Anti corona virus masks Anti air pollution mask for men women teenage and kids N95 air masks N99 and N100 masks P95 and R95 masks

Anti corona virus masks Anti air pollution mask for men women teenage and kids N95 air masks N99 and N100 masks P95 and R95 masks

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Mask is a really familiar item for you to get a good healthy life. Always we prefer to bear a peaceful life with joy. But sometimes it is not possible for the cause of climate, water and air. But we want to get a safety life everyday.

Suppose your country will be more gathering place for the large number of population you need lot of vehicles to transport, you need a lot of factory to produce food, you need to cultivate huge grocery item. Always you are so busy. You and also your country administration will have some difficulty managing huge work for huge population. Besides you can’t overcome the climate change. Sometimes it would display so furious attitude that you can’t go inverse.

Corona virus which has been started from China but it is spreading day by day from country to country. Huge amount of China people are already dead and injured. I know only mask is not important to recover the situation but it can save you from polluted air.

Not only for the virus but also you can you use mask everyday when you go out for the work. You are looking for a neat and clean road but I do not think you are providing completely safety air. Because when vehicles are coming and going from you will surely dust will come with air which may have virus. Every year a huge amount of people are dying and facing incurable disease by the air pollution.

I suggest you to take a mask. If you feel this moment is not save for you, that means the air is polluted here you just use the mask. I think this kind of practice will save our lives.

Health Benefits of Mask

1. Preventing long-term illness of air pollution on the body

2. Protection against various bacteria and fungus

3. Increasing lung capacity

I will give you some air pollution masks which have different benefits as well as perfect for men, women, teens, and children.

Types of Pollution Masks

1.General Mask

Anti Dust Unisex Black Cotton Face Mask


100% cotton




suitable for cycling, camping, running,travel,climbing,


Price:    $17.99 ($6.00 / Count) & FREE Shipping

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Child’s Air Pollution Mask


Children Anti D Mask

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Anti-Dust Mask Adjustable Earloop Face Mask


Lot of design and color

Suitable for both boys,girls,man,woman.


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2. N95 air masks

Filters 95% of air pollutants with oil based pollution and save moisture and excessive fogging from your nose and eyes.

N95 Face Masks Daily Protective Masks with 4 layer

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3. N99 and N100 masks

Filters PM2.5 with 99% and 99.97% air pollutants but not active for oil based pollution.

Degbit N99 Dust Mask Activated Carbon


List Price: $49.99

Present Price:$40.99

FREE Shipping

4. P95 and R95 masks

This mask is so expensive and is used for industrial purpose only.

Professional Half Mask Organic Vapor, P95 Respirator

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